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Voices from the Rubble
tells the tale of loss and recovery in the storied Muslim city of Marawi.

A collaboration of the Ateneo de Manila's Departments of Communication, Sociology-Anthropology, Fine Arts, Information Systems and Computer Sciences under the Agenda for Hope project.

Conflict erupted in May 2017 between government forces and rebel groups, but some voices dominated the narrative while others remained unheard.


People who fled the city left their belongings thinking it would only be temporary. They have not been allowed to return to or reclaim their homes except for brief supervised visits.


Voices from the Rubble focuses attention on the voiceless, a people displaced by a conflict-induced calamity, who now face the challenge of healing and recovery burdened by bureaucratic delays and insensitivities.

Voices from the Rubble reframes the narrative as one of hope, an opportunity to start rebuilding a Marawi that is forward-looking, embracing the future without discarding the past, but mindful of the ills and problems that led to the 2017 siege.

Hovering choppers around the city in the middle of the darkest night is an experience I could never forget. SORAIDA SARIGALA
Pag ang tao naka pag-aral, nalalaman na niya kung ano yung mali, ano yung tama. DATU AGAKHAN SHARIEF
Educator, Negotiatior
Gagawin nating professional ang sports para hindi pagmulan ng away o rido. ALI YUSOPH
Engineer, Sportsman
Naging priority din namin sila -- mga volunteers sa kitchen -- para kahit papano, may makakatulong din sa kanila. GABIE TOMBOC
Kusina Kalinga Service Crew Member